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Don't worry,  Its Free

Let me tell you

FLYKITE Project is made up from the creative individuals

who set up DshootzStudio. 

Dshootzstudio has been  in the wedding industry for almost 15 years, and they are responsible for producing the best documentary style wedding photography and videography for their clients.

Currently, DshootzStudio have grown its social media followers to more than 20 thousands. Our strong followers are made up from young adults and seniors ranging from 18-55 years old.  Having a specific target audience on our facebook and Instagram, we actually believe that we are able to increase and help our fellow SMEs to achieve their potential customers from our followers.  Together, with a pool of Photo/Videographers, Designers and Copy writers, we're embarking in social media marketing. It is also proven that Video-marketing has reach its audiences faster than any other format. 

Let's be friends and join us in this Journey, let us help you to reach your potential customer. Anyway its FREE.


PS: Do drop us a message and lets grab a coffee.

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Our Services:

1. Onsite photograghy with Layout+Text  design for FB/iG blast. 

   (Site shoot 30mins)

2. Custom video shoot with 30sec - 1min editing for FB/iG blast. 

   (Site shoot 60mins)

3. Already have a video footages/pictures. Let us do the editing

    for you, at no cost. - (max 10 vid footages / 5 pictures)

    * 1 custom video edit (30sec - 1min)

    * 1 custom picture layout with text.

4. Have something to say about your business. Why not write your

    own article or let us interview you instead.  And let us worry         

    about the geek stuff.

Note: All artwork will be return upon complete. Custom design will be featured on our website, facebook & ig.

Drop us a message here.

Thanks! Message sent.

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